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Three Of Cups // Tarot Necklace Pink Tourmaline Gemstone and Sterling Silver

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Associated Tarot Card: III of Cups

The III of Cups represents abundance, love, exuberance, and joy. This is THE friends card that tells us that celebrations with family and close friends are imminent and the good times are flowing freely.

Crystal: Pink Tourmaline

Brings joy, happiness, and loving energies. Dispels negative energy and protects (much like our pals do!). Represents cleansing, purifying, and transforming.

The Jewels

Sterling silver chain approximately 20″ long to be worn close to the heart with three faceted high cut pink tourmaline stones to represent the iii of cups card in the Minor Arcana.

The gems should be worn directly on the skin to warm and connect the wearer directly with the crystals.

Each necklace is finished with a tiny genuine pearl at the clasp which sits at the base of the neck (balancing, dissolves negativity, protecting).

**Item does not ship with actual tarot card, but does ship with a beautiful III of Cups branded info card as shown in the third photograph**

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