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Hailey Gerrits // Nilima Necklace Moody




The Nilima Necklace features a cascading waterfall of luxurious gemstones and Pearls, delicately suspended from vintage brass chain. Pictured here in moody purple hues.

  • Amethyst, Lepidolite, Green Amethyst, Moonstone & Pink Amethyst

Length: 17.5" with 3" extender chain

Vintage brass chains
Recycled brass
Artisan-cut natural gemstones
Freshwater Pearls

Handmade in Vancouver BC


This collection is inspired by the calm after a storm. With sky blue, soft green, and the
lingering deep purple hue that can be found on the edges of a storm cloud, these pieces
show the contrast of light and dark. Many of the pieces are designed with an ombre effect,
with colours transitioning from light to dark. I wanted to capture the notion of the “parting of the clouds” and the feeling of calm and serenity that comes after.

Green Amethyst: The serene and calming properties of this gemstone aid one’s ability to feel at ease. It is said to reduce stress, anxiety & tension. Ancient Greeks believed Green Amethyst to be a detoxifier, using it to decorate their wine cups with the belief that it would help them stay sober and reduce symptoms of hangovers. This stone can also be used to cleanse and purify energy. 

Blue Lace Agate: Imbued with the qualities of peaceful running water, Blue Lace Agate is one of the best stones for anxiety and stress relief. It soothes an overactive mind and helps inspire effective communication. Blue Lace Agate aids in harmonizing energies and helps to explore polarities in one’s self. It reduces negative energy and can help boost immune function. 

Lepidolite: Affectionately called “the grandmother stone,” Lepidolite is all about nurturing and calming energy. It inspires balance and stability and is said to help harmonize mind, body and soul. Discovered in 1861, Lepidolite was actually named for the Greek “lepidos” which means “scale” - due to it’s flaky and chalky appearance. 

Freshwater Pearl: Pearls are one of the world’s oldest documented gems, used for hundreds of thousands of years for adornment. In India, it’s believed that Krishna plucked the first Pearl from the sea for his daughter’s wedding. They inspire sincerity, integrity, and truth. Pearls are often used in beauty and pharmaceutical products - as they are a great source of calcium and natural iridescence.

Handmade in Vancouver BC


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